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okey dokey.

by double request from scenefromfrance and miss breniecia fancypants, i've reuploaded
shady songs for sunny days

Broken Social Scene-Looks Just Like The Sun
Cornelius-Tone Twilight Zone
Sugar Water (Mike D./Russel Simins/Mario Caldato Jr. Remix)-Cibo Matto
icecream house dweller-Mushroom Cloud
Everybody's Getting Down-The Incredible Moses Leroy
Fuzzy Sun-Jim O'Rourke
Los Angeles, I'm Yours-The Decemberists
Islands Gone Bad-Shapes And Sizes
Along For The Ride-Mates Of State
My British Tour Diary-Of Montreal
Drop You Vivid Colours-Luminous Orange
Equus-Blonde Redhead
My Diamond Star Car-Deerhoof
Hair, Nails, Percolator-Dj Brokenwindow
Tropical-Iceland-The Fiery Furnaces
Fur Immer 16-Stereo Total
The Girl Is Mine-Michael Jackson
Good Vibrations-The Langley Schools Music Project
Somersault-Zero 7
Hotel-Broken Social Scene

*again, all songs are in iTunes format.
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any time!
Good call on the Jimmy O.
I love that song cuz it sounds all breezy and happy, but the lyrics are kinda' fucked up.
That whole EP is like that. The title track, Halfway to a Threeway? Have you heard it? It's like imagine a less intense Nick Drake singing a song about having sex with an invalid in a wheelchair. Some of the best lyrics I've ever heard.
jeremy, you think you can make me a mixtape about relaxing?